Optimisation for People

Optimor’s comparison technology uses mathematical probability theory to help you save money and make more confident and smarter purchase decisions of media and services.

We are building a web engine to deliver our services, focusing on sectors which are confusingly overpopulated by offerings, for example mobile-phone contracts or personal finance.

Our mission is to deploy the web's most useful and trusted comparison engine, powered by the disruptive person-centric technologies that end spending inefficiency.


The first of our web sites, billmonitor, is live and analysing hundreds of phone bills a day to help people find the contract that suits their usage best.

Try it now, or read the billmonitor Blog to find out more about the next generation of price comparison.

If you have a business mobile contract, Billmonitor for Business could save you 41% on average.

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Thank you for visiting our website. For jobs enquiries please see the billmonitor jobs page. For general enquiries, email us at: info@optimorlabs.com, or contact our office.

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