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Saving you money using maths, not guesswork

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Optimor’s price comparison technology uses mathematical probability theory to help you save money and make smarter purchasing decisions. Right now, our products help users navigate the mobile phone contract sector: a market that is notoriously confusing.

Billmonitor for business

Whether you're a large corporation, cost-conscious enterprise or growing startup, Billmonitor will analyse your mobile phone bills to help you understand your usage and find your ideal business contract — saving 41% on average.

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Billmonitor for consumer

Analyses your bils and searches over 3.9 million UK mobile phone contracts by network, handset brand, minutes, texts, data and monthly cost to find you the best deal matching your usage. We've helped over 200,000 mobile phone users since 2009.

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Our Technology

Comparison Engine

Our mission is to deploy the web's most useful and trusted comparison engine, focusing on sectors which are confusingly overpopulated by offerings, for example mobile-phone contracts.

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Understand Your Bills

We want to free your data, and de-mystify your expenses. Our analytics tools help you to make sense of complex, unstructered data such as mobile phone bills, allowing you to understand and control your costs.

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